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Aloke Paul (India)


devine melody

A character, often a female, is playing some musical instrument. When we look closer, we perceive that the musical instrument is part of the body as if the musical instrument was a prolongation of the body. Body and musical instruments appear to be in search of a colourful melody, often geometric, but always full of colour. Aloke Paul means to represent, not just characters, but the idea that music is part of the human being. To represent this almost mystic search, Aloke Paul gives way to a vibrant palette, full of melodic notes.



Aloke Paul (1977) has studied Arts in India and has widely exhibited around the world.


“I believe that musical wave can make the world united. There is an inherent inclination towards melody in every human being. Consciously or unconsciously, people do things in some particular harmony. I have found that through the wonderful and unique synchronization of minds and thoughts, musical breeze is created in every moment of our lives. I believe that life is a composition of different modes. The resonances of life convey rhythms which has its own beauty. I have tried to capture this expression of life, which is full of musical vibrations, in my paintings. I have portrayed our body as instruments which generate unlimited beats and tunes. The images of these instruments, though known to us, have its uncommon and exceptional look. The exclusive expressions of these instruments have given a modern dimension in my paintings. I have tried to reveal the feelings of human beings, which has its own profound melodic effect, through several faces and gestures. I feel birth of different ‘raga’, through the instrument- like- bodies, surrounds our lives and thus the life is so effervescent.” (Aloke Paul, 2011)


Other works:


devine melody
raga todi
Devine Melody (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Sublime Rendezvous (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Raga Todi (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Awakening to Life & Beauty (2009), (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.

Crumbling System (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.

musical breeze
Beckoning of Bygone Memonries (2009), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Folk in Modern Idiom of Music (2009), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Creative ImpulseMusical Breeze (2009), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Musical Breeze (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm.
Heaven of Peace (2010), Mixed Media on Canvas, 76 x 101 cm.

aloke paul



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