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Damian Ibarguren (Urugay)


Damian Ibarguren points out where paradise lies. His paintings do not have the intention of changing the world as it is. Ibarguren is inspired by every moment which is full of intensity. Although his compositions are inhabited by personages they are within the painting to build up the emotion of the moment. His personages wear mask-like faces and they indicate to the viewer that they are actors of an important situation. What is relevant to the artist is to capture the emotion of a particular moment which first fixed in his retina. The emotive use of colour brings to mind the intention of the artist: to express the intensity of the moment.

Damian Ibarguren (Uruguay) has widely exhibited through different locations at Art Galleries in Ireland Republic, Sweden, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain and Venezuela.

“La mayoría de las cosas que hago, las hago a impulsos de inspiración. (…) Mis cuadros surgen en la mayoría de algún recuerdo, alguna charla, alguna anécdota, alguna foto. Algo que me queda sonando en la cabeza durante mucho tiempo y de repente PUM explota una imagen en mi mente y en ese momento me tengo que tirar contra el cartón y hacerlo, dibujarlo. Arranca el amor cuando pongo los primeros colores, creo las primeras imágenes...” (Damian Ibarguren, 2009)

Other works:

damian - ibarguren - bajando
damian - ibarguren - korv
damian - ibarguren- leyendo
damian - ibarguren - aire
damian - ibarguren - utopia

Bajando (2009), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60 cm.


Korv (2009), Oil on Canvas, 91 x 91cm.


Leyendo en la terraza (2008), Oil on PVC, 55 x 69 cm.


Aire (2009), Oil on Cloth, 70 x 100 cm.


Utopia (2008), Oil on Cloth, 80 x 80 cm.


damian -ibarguren- jugando nieve
damian - ibarguren - mandarinas
damian - ibarguren -llegando
damian -ibarguren - pantaletas
damian - ibarguren - lectura piscina

Jugando en la nieve (2008), Oil on Cloth, 59 x 79 cm.


Mandarinas (2009), Oil on Canvas, 70 x 97 cm.


LLegando (2008), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm.


Pantaletas (2009), Oil on Canvas, 55 x 100 cm.


Lectura en la piscina (2008), Oil on PVC, 56 x 74 cm.


damian -ibarguren -florida

Florida (2009), Oil on Canvas, 93 x 91 cm.


Damian Ibarguren


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