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Iller Incerti (Italy)

Iller Incerti (Italy) finds his inspiration from his social compromise towards social issues. The use of photography and painting helps to embody his paintings with dramatic or ironic meanings. Writing marks in his works a parallel discourse in which shows his discontent with society, or moves the viewer. Sometimes, irony disturbs us. Photography stops to represent the real object since the subject is transformed by different levels of meanings.

He has widely exhibited at Italy (Firenze, Roma, Milan, Ravena), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), and Yugoslavia.

Iller Incerti - Nuova FrontieraUltima frontiera ( Última frontera). 2009. Photography & Painting on PVC. 140x100 cm

"He escrito decenas de veces su cada parte de mi cuerpo lo que era, lo que soy, lo que querría ser. He caminado hacia el norte, me han congelado los ojos; he surcado el océano hacia el oeste e me han arrancado las orejas a mordiscos; he recorrido senderos hacia el sur y me han llenado la boca de arena. Quiero ir hacia el este donde nace el sol, la última elección, la última frontera, ciertamente oleré el perfume que busco". (Iller Incerti)


Iller Incerti - Sono Nelle Tue ManiSono nelle tue mani ( Estoy en tus manos). 2009. Photography & Painting on PVC. 114x100 cm

"Atado a mis cadenas transformaré mi debilidad en fuerza, yo, que vivo en el mundo que divide los vivos de los muertos, conozco las palabras que te traen el aliento". (Iller Incerti)


Other Works:

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Iller Incerti - Irak
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Far West (2009). Photography and Painting on PVC. 135 x 100 cm.

Irak (2007). Photography and Painting on PVC. 144 X 201 cm.

Il Souvenir del Pedófilo (2007). Photography & Painting. 100X100 cm.

Alzheimer (2007). Photography & Painting. 170x100 cm

Che cosa vuoi (2009). Photography & Painting on PVC. 130 x 100 cm


Il Lungo Addio (2009). Photography & Painting on PVC. 135x100 cm

Ti Aspetto Qui (2009). Photography & Painting. 140x100cm

Donne (2007). Photography & Painting on PVC. 216 x 140 cm

Iller Incerti


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