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Lei Liang (China)

Lei Liang reflects in these paintings in the subject of contemporary Chinese painting. The artist confines to a style reflecting fanciful and poetic ideas that are part of Chinese tradition. Yet Lei Liang manages to remember the viewer that European tradition is present. Clearly the aim of Lei Liang's gardens is to involve us into an aesthetic experience rather than presenting a mere representation. To enjoy Liang's paintings the viewer must have in mind the notion of art as interpretation, and art as an aesthetic experience.


Lei Liang has widely exhibited at different locations in UK, Spain, USA, Korea, Tokyo, Australia and China.

A painter is not an artist. The Artist has the ability to be arrogant and domineering following his inclinations, while painter can only be obedient and submissive. (…) My art reflects the eastern harmony and meditation philosophical concept. All the landscape and flowers are purely the symbols of harmony and the inner way to one's summit light. Audience will notice on my paintings the Red Sun over the universe. And we all people of different nations will meet there” (Lei Liang, 2009).

Other works:

lei - liang - elites
lei - liang - monarch
lei - liang - horses
lei - liang - beautiful

Piled Bouquets of Elites (2005), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 150 cm.


One Leaf of Monarch (2004), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 92 cm.


Riding Horses of The World (2005), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 150 cm.


Piled Bouquets of Beautiful Flowers (2005), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm.


lei - liang - samite
lei - liang - belspirits
lei - liang - shout
lei - liang - contending
Piled Bouquets of Samite Flowers (2005), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm.
Piled Bouquets of Bel-Spirits (2005), Oil on Canvas, 50 x 65 cm.
China Shout for Leaders (2009), Oil on Canvas, 150 x 200 cm.
Piled Bouquets of Contending Flowers (2005), Oil on Canvas, 60 x 150 cm.

Eugeni Vaysbek

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