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Orly Aviv (Israel)

orly 2

Orly Aviv has been researching in digital media since 2004. Un Space shows her interest in photography as a medium to interpret and to narrate reality. Apparently the images that she captures and transforms belong to specific places located somewhere. A closer view reveals an emotive side that works as a landmark in her works. In addition, Un Space is populated by ghostly images that seem to perform a second voice of the telling.


Orly Aviv (1959) has completed her studies in UK, and she currently exhibits in Europe and USA.

"I am especially interested in the eluded transformation of the scene to the un_seen. During my travels around the world, I am collecting images which reflect my personal experiences of the place. I use the camera to explore the diversity between the seen  and the ineffable interpretation wherein a specter of the original can be reconstructed. Un_Seen" are multi-layers images from different parts of the world. The images reflect and simulate natural patterns and behaviors of people around the world." (2011, Orly Aviv)


Other works:


orly 22 orly aviv 23 orly aviv 24 orly aviv 4 orly aviv orly aviv 25

Un Space 22 (2007), Digital manipulated image


Un Space 23 (2007), Digital manipulated image


Un Space 24 (2007), Digital manipulated image


Un Space 4 (2007), Digital manipulated image


Un Space 8 (2007), Digital manipulated image


Un Space 25 (2007), Digital manipulated image


orly aviv 11 orly aviv 21 orly aviv 12 orly aviv 13 orly aviv 14 orly aviv rider
Un Space 11 (2007), Digital manipulated image
Un Space 21 (2007), Digital manipulated image
Un Space 12 (2007), Digital manipulated image
Un Space 13 (2007), Digital manipulated image
Un Space 14 (2007), Digital manipulated image
Un Space Rider (2011), Digital manipulated image

Limited edition of ten copies of each original. All of them are titled (English) numbered and signed. Chemical process includes gelatin and silver. Printed on photo paper


orly aviv


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