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Ricardo García Vega (Ecuador)

Ricardo Garcia Vega (Ecuador) manifests a very particular way of understanding art. It is difficult to know what is first in his works, sculpture or painting since he brings together sculpture and painting in all his art works. In addition Garcia Vega brings to the canvas different materials such as clothes, metallic structures or clay. The result is an art work which intrigues the viewer. Nothing is plane or flat. The viewer has to move around to see the volume or a peculiar piece of cloth. Garcia Vega aspires to transmit to the viewer his own understanding of art -art as a whole. To understand Garcia Vega paintings we must consider an art work as a whole – as the artist does.


Ricardo Garcia Vega (Ecuador) is mainly autodidact. He has started exhibiting at Quito (Ecuador) and Madrid (Spain).


"En esta serie exploro los recursos técnicos que me ofrecen la pintura y la escultura. La función de la obra es que la escultura y la pintura interactuen entre sí hasta mimetizarse en una sola obra. Necesito encontrar en los colores de la tierra (ocres, sienas), en las texturas,.. la inspiración que será la base a partir de la cual consigo la gama cromática en la que expreso mi forma de ver mi universo personal. Al usar la escultura en mis pinturas consigo integrar diferentes planos de realidad en la que el material cuenta por si solo. Por eso, utilizo vidrio, arpillera, algodón, mármol, barro, como materiales fundamentales". (2010, Ricardo García Vega)


Other works:

ricaardo garcia vega finisterre
ricardo garciavega solsticio1
ricardo garciavega eldorado
Finisterre (2008), Acrylic and Clay on Wood Panel 100 x 70 cm.
Equinocio (2009), Oil, Clay, and Glass on Wood Panel, 90 x 100 cm.
Solsticio1 (2009), Oil, Clay, and Glass on Wood Panel, 90 x 100 cm.
El Dorado (2008), Oil and Mixed Technique, on Wire Mesh, 130 x 86 cm.


ricardo garciavega encuentrodesencuentro
ricardo garciavega encuentrodesencuentro2
ricardo garciavega desarraigo
ricardo garciavega cariquinde
ricardo garciavega solsticio
Encuentro/Desencuentro (2009), Oil, Clay and Cloth on Wood Panel, 100 x 70 cm.
Encuentro/Desencuentro 2 (2009), Oil, Clay and Cloth on Wood Panel, 100 x 70 cm.
Desarraigo (2008), Oil, Clay and Cloth on Wood Panel, 145 x 85cm.
Cari Quinde (2009), Oil and Clay on Cotton Fabric, 70 x 50 cm.
Solsticio (2008), Oil and Cloth on Wood Panel Panel, 90 x 77 cm.


ricardo garcia vega


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