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Paulino Manzanares (Spain)


Paulino Manzanares interprets landscape from a very personal view. His series Imaginary Landscapes extend to several years. Imaginary Landscapes shows his manner of transporting reality to an imaginary land almost unreal. Illusion permeates through his colourful palette. Red, greens and blues create an atmosphere full of rich effects. The artist concentrates on the effect of colours rather than a realistic depiction of the landscape.


Paulino Manzanares (Spain) has widely exhibited through different locations in Art Galleries and institutions in Spain. Also many of his art works have been acquired by different Spanish institutions.

"No es el paisaje el que produce la emoción, ni el atardecer o el arco iris los que sobrecogen nuestro espíritu, ni la nube, con esa carga de mutación prodigiosa, la que nos emociona. Es nuestro cerebro el que convierte la belleza en sentimiento, el que selecciona nuestros recuerdos y juega con nuestra memoria, el que, en definitiva traduce la inteligencia en emoción." (Paulino Manzanares, 2009)

Other works:

paulino manzanares  bosque rojo
paulino manzanares camposde colores
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario2
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario3
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario 4
Bosque rojo (2007), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 54 cm.
Campos de colores (2007), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 81 cm.
Paisaje Imaginario 2, (2006), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 54 cm.
Paisaje imaginario 3 (2009), Oil on Canvas, 54 x 65 cm.
Paisaje Imaginario 4 (2009), Oil on Canvas, 120 x 120 cm.
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario 5
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario 6
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario7
paulino manzanares paisaje imaginario 9 paulino manzanares paisaje verde otoñal
Paisaje Imaginario 5 (2007), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 81 cm.
Paisaje Imaginario 6 (2007), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 54 cm.
Paisaje Imaginario 7 (2007), Oil on Canvas, 100 x 81 cm.
Paisaje Imaginario 9 (2009), Oil on Canvas, 54 x 65 cm.
Paisaje Verde Otoñal (2006), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 54 cm.l


paulino manzanares tierra
Tierra (2002), Oil on Canvas, 65 x 54 cm.

Paulino Manzanares


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